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Diseases & Conditions

The Metabolic Syndrome

Overview The metabolic syndrome is the name of a cluster of risk factors that, when they appear together, […]

Atrial Fibrillation: Prevention, Treatment and Research

Overview Atrial fibrillation (often called “A-fib” or AF) is the most common type of abnormal heartbeat. In a […]

Congestive Heart Failure: Prevention, Treatment and Research

Overview Congestive heart failure (also called heart failure) is a serious condition in which the heart doesn’t pump […]


Eat Smart

Alcohol and Heart Health: Separating Fact from Fiction

Does a glass of wine a day keep the doctor away? There’s a popular belief that alcohol — […]

Your Guide to a Heart-Healthy Grocery List

A Johns Hopkins nutrition expert shows how easy it can be to fill your cart with foods that […]

The Power of Gut Bacteria and Probiotics for Heart Health

Bacteria may benefit heart health in surprising ways. Here’s what Johns Hopkins researchers are learning about that connection […]


Know Your Risk

5 Things You Should Know about Atrial Fibrillation (AFib)

Atrial fibrillation, commonly known as AFib or AF, is a condition that causes the upper chambers of the […]

Cholesterol: 5 Truths to Know

How much of what you hear about cholesterol is true? Check out these cholesterol facts that might surprise […]

5 Heart Facts That May Surprise You

How dangerous is physical inactivity, really? How does the risk of heart disease compare with that of other […]


Move More

Sitting Disease: How a Sedentary Lifestyle Affects Heart Health

If you find yourself planted behind a desk or stuck in the car for much of your day, […]

Exercise: Good for Heart Health Too!

People often think exercise is just a way to lose weight. It’s true that regular physical activity is […]

A Heart-Smart Approach to Marathons and Vigorous Exercise

Recent studies warned of a link between marathon running and heart risks. Here’s what the results really mean—and […]


Stay Healthy

Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

Ready to take action to lower your high blood pressure? Start with these lifestyle changes. Fewer than half […]

5 Heart Numbers You Need to Know

A Johns Hopkins heart disease expert shares what your body and lifestyle are trying to tell you through […]

5 Healthy-Heart Steps That Take Just Minutes

A few simple habits can help you protect your heart to live a longer, healthier life—starting now. Taking […]