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Diseases & Conditions

The Metabolic Syndrome

Overview The metabolic syndrome is the name of a cluster of risk factors that, when they appear together, […]

Atrial Fibrillation: Prevention, Treatment and Research

Overview Atrial fibrillation (often called “A-fib” or AF) is the most common type of abnormal heartbeat. In a […]

Congestive Heart Failure: Prevention, Treatment and Research

Overview Congestive heart failure (also called heart failure) is a serious condition in which the heart doesn’t pump […]


Eat Smart

Fuel Your Fitness

Your nutrition choices before, during and after activity can help you stay strong and recover better. Here’s a […]

Berry Good for Your Heart

 Many kinds of berries are high in heart-healthy antioxidants. Meet some of the top varieties and get delicious […]

A Heart-Healthy Eating Adventure

Eating well for your heart health doesn’t need to be bland. Enjoy all sorts of ethnic cuisine styles […]


Know Your Risk

Heart Rhythms: What’s Normal Versus Cause for Concern?

Many things can affect your heart rhythms throughout your life, usually in ways that will not harm you. […]

Weight: A Silent Heart Risk

A recent, eye-opening study finds that much of the cardiovascular disease seen in severely overweight people is driven […]

Risk Factors for Heart Disease: Don’t Underestimate Stress

Many different kinds of stress can be surprisingly harmful to your heart. A Johns Hopkins expert helps you […]


Move More

Could a Fitness Tracker Boost Your Heart Health?

 A Johns Hopkins cardiologist shares why these devices work to improve heart health for so many people, along […]

Cardiac Rehabilitation: Big Benefits With Perseverance

Many people miss out on the power of cardiac rehab after heart surgery or a heart event. But […]

Fitness Trends: What’s Smart for Your Heart?

From high-intensity interval training and indoor cycling to yoga and boot camp, a Johns Hopkins expert looks at […]


Stay Healthy

How to Reduce Cholesterol: New Medication Options

PCSK9 inhibitors are a new class of medication that shows a lot of promise for lowering cholesterol. But […]

Heart Medications: The Power of a Team Approach

A multifaceted approach is common (and smart) for heart disease treatment and prevention. Discover how different types of […]

Understanding Your Target Heart Rate

Monitoring your heart rate while you’re exercising can help you get key benefits without overdoing it. Johns Hopkins […]