Healthy Aging

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Diseases & Conditions

Alzheimer’s Disease: What You Need to Know as You Age

Overview An estimated 5.2 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease (AD), the most common form of dementia in the world and […]

Low Vision: What You Need to Know as You Age

Overview Seeing is believing, right? But eyesight often gets worse with age. A pair of bifocals or reading […]

Insomnia: What You Need to Know as You Age

Overview While the rest of the world is sleeping, some people remain wide-awake due to insomnia. It’s the […]


Family Caregiver Resources

The Surprising Health Bonus of Caregiving

Could caregiving actually boost your longevity? Look inside the findings of Johns Hopkins research and discover how the […]

The Lifesaving Power of Your Phone

The information and apps you have on your phone might just save your life or someone else’s. Here’s […]

The Power of a Health Care Advocate

Another set of ears can ease your health care journey. A Johns Hopkins expert takes you through the […]


Healthy Body

Yoga’s Benefits from Head to Toe

Yoga is so much more than strengthening exercise. Even gentle poses can ease stress, improve balance, and boost […]

The Brain-Gut Connection

Anxiety and depression have been thought to contribute to gastro conditions like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). A Johns […]

Best Way to Age-Proof Your Vision

Simple lifestyle changes can help you control three common diseases of the older eye: glaucoma, cataracts and age-related […]


Healthy Connections

Do You Have a Healthy Number of Friends?

Research points to the importance of friendship for psychological well-being for both men and women. Discover whether your […]

Specialists in Aging: Do You Need a Geriatrician?

When your children were little, you probably took them to a pediatrician. After all, babies and children have […]

Forgiveness: Your Health Depends on It

Conflict doesn’t just weigh down the spirit; it can lead to physical health issues. But these steps from […]


Healthy Mind

The Power of Positive Thinking

Are you a glass-half-full or glass-half-empty kind of person? The answer could make a difference in your heart […]

Protect Against a Retirement Risk

Lots of people dream of retiring … until it becomes a reality and the days seem too quiet […]

Depression: His Versus Hers

We often picture depression as curling up under the covers in sadness, but surprisingly it can manifest in […]