Healthy Sleep

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Health Risks

The Dangers of Uncontrolled Sleep Apnea

You’ve probably heard that regular exercise and a heart-healthy diet are the most important things you can do […]

Sleep Problems: Look for Health Connections

Many health conditions can affect your sleep quality—from asthma and allergies to depression and dementia. Here are the […]

Why Do People Snore? Answers for Better Health

Many people snore or have experience dealing with a snoring loved one. But does this relatively common condition […]


Sleep Better

Your Bedroom For Better Sleep

Do you have any idea how much your sleep environment can affect how well you sleep? Simple changes […]

Why Can’t I Sleep? 6 Surprising Factors

A Daytime Tiff Research shows that women who have positive interactions with their bed partner during the day […]

Choosing the Right Mattress: Making a Smart Investment

Does the idea of a good night’s sleep feel like it’s just a dream? The secret to a […]


Sleep Science

Good Sleep May Be All in Your Head

Scientists are discovering that the workings of certain cells in the brains of mice may ultimately help improve […]

The Future of Sleep Studies

Most people have a general idea of what happens during a sleep study. You spend the night sleeping […]

Do Sleep Trackers Really Work?

Activity trackers are all the rage, and millions of wrists now sport devices that monitor everything from your […]