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The Johns Hopkins Medicine digital health library is where you can find articles and videos related to specific conditions and diseases, wellness, prevention and more—all from a trusted source.


Research shows

  • Inactive adults spend on average over $1,000 more on their health care annually than active adults
  • Obesity-related health care costs exceed $150 billion each year

And Healthy Employees:

  • Create a happier, less stressful and better work environment
    Employees with a strong culture of health at work are more likely to report being happy, less likely to report that stress has a negative impact on their work, and less likely to cite the work environment as an obstacle to good health.
  • Enjoy their jobs more and stay in their jobs longer
    Employees who feel supported by their employers are more likely to want to keep their jobs and will help attract and retain the best employees. In fact, 64% of employees in workplaces that promote a culture of health said that they intended to stay with their companies at least five years.
  • Are more engaged
    Employers who have a healthy and highly engaged workforce enjoy higher profitability and customer ratings, lower employee turnover, fewer accidents, greater productivity, and improved quality.

About Healthier You

The Healthier You library offers digital access to health information developed by Johns Hopkins experts including tips on healthy aging, the healthy heart, healthy sleep, and information for the healthy woman.



  • Healthy Woman—Your source for guidance, nutrition, reproductive health, stress-busters and more
  • Healthy Heart—Learn how to eat smart and stay healthy
  • Healthy Aging—Your guide to expert information on healthy living and caregiving
  • Healthy Sleep—Learn how to get a better, more restful night’s sleep


Our monthly and annual calendars make it easy to find seasonal resources and health tips, which you can print or access online.



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