Build Your Culture of Health.

Learn how Johns Hopkins’ employee health programs can help improve your employees’ health and well-being and impact your bottom line.

Why Does Your Organization Need Johns Hopkins HealthyWorks?

Keep your employees informed about their health and engaged in their health care with Johns Hopkins employee health programs. These low-cost, high-impact employee benefits provide online information and specially trained health navigators and coaches to support and guide your employees on their journey to better health.


Healthy Employees are Present, Productive and Engaged.

Whether you run a small business or a multi-national corporation, employee absenteeism and reduced productivity due to poorly managed chronic diseases substantially impacts your health care bottom line. Johns Hopkins HealthyWorks programs aim to improve that bottom line by improving your employees’ health.

Obesity-related health care costs exceed $150 billion each year, and inactive adults spend on average over $1,000 more on their health care annually than active adults.

Obesity is a prime risk factor for diabetes, a chronic condition that costs employers about $7,900 per employee per year. But it takes more than a fad diet or a gym membership to decrease weight. That’s why HealthyWorks coach-based programs have been developed to engage employees and promote healthy eating and activity for a lifetime.

A supportive work environment allows you  to maximize employee productivity.

Most employees spend nearly a third of their life at work. Research reinforces what employers large and small are starting to understand: employees who are physically and mentally healthy are happier at work and more productive. By providing evidence-based health programs, not only are employers building and supporting a culture of health but also effectively addressing the challenge of skyrocketing health care costs.

Population health analytics help predict risk by identifying prevalent diseases, cost drivers and performance gaps.

Our team of population health experts apply the most advanced tools to analyze your data and provide the insights you need to improve the health of your workforce. The Johns Hopkins ACG® System is used worldwide by employers, payers, and providers to plan, fund, allocate and manage health care services.

Sometimes you need support from experts to navigate today’s health care challenges.

Johns Hopkins clinicians, scientists, policy experts and administrators have a long history of consulting with employers, health systems, governments and their ministries to help them better understand and solve health care’s many challenges, which now include patient safety and engagement, care quality, and chronic disease management.

Video Testimonials

A manager shares how Johns Hopkins HealthyWorks Programs helps her support and retain employees.

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Find out how Johns Hopkins employee health programs can reduce your health care costs and increase productivity while–most importantly–improving your employees’ health and well-being.